Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 57

47v6zoh.gif image by DidgeIt would seem I accidentally named two "Day 54s".    I'm so sorry about that and any confusion it may have caused.   I've been trying to get caught back up, thus, all the days that there are two or three days in.  

Also, I have to explain the icon thing.  Okay, so, I don't have to, but, I feel compelled to.    I love icons.   I love the cuteness of simple squares containing art and sayings.  I love the moving ones.  I love the plain ones with just one thing on them.  I love the ones with sayings on them... and I love giving credit.   Unfortunately, when I went through a major infatuation with icons a few years ago, I didn't keep track of where I got them.  This was in the days of Xanga and the early days of My______.  I had literally over a thousand saved on my computer and, from there, on my Photobucket.   I've been going through the PB collection so I can actually use them on here.   If I have used your icon and didn't know it, I'm so sorry.  I'll do better.

kthnx.gif image by Didge

Here's some of the favs:

z24893945.gif image by Didgegoodbyecruelworld.gif image by Didgez29050573.png image by Didge

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  1. we live in perverted times, my friend. i love all of them.


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