Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 55

I've been making some changes.  It's starting to show.  My face is clearing, my clothes are hanging a little looser.   [[Totally funny side moment.  I just found out two things: Brink can now jump up to the big couch.  Two, sometimes, when your sister is chasing you, mom is who you run to.  Back to our regularly scheduled show.]]  I feel better knowing I'm making changes for my betterment. I also love having co-workers ask what I'm doing.  :)  I've been taking smaller portions, and eating more slowly, making sure I enjoy the flavors of what I'm eating.  Also, no watching tv while you eat lunch or dinner.  These two things I've noticed Josh doing too.  I haven't pressured him at all.  He can eat however he likes.   The two are just going hand in hand.

Ooooo, and homemade yogurt.  I made my first batch, fail.  Second batch, success!  In FWDGF, she describes the way fresh yogurt tastes and feels. First time I ate it, I needed honey.  Today, I've just been enjoying it for it.  It's delicious!

Oh, and giving up an iced venti 7 pump chai in place of one doppio, if it's morning and I'm at work, one coffee if I'm not, and water or unsweetened tea for the rest of the day... surprise! Helpful. O_o  Doh.

Basically, just getting back to the basics.  Water and enjoying simple food.


EDIT: I forgot to mention:  I eat bread. 

And a square of dark chocolate every day. :D


  1. Love it! And I love homemade yogurt!!! Way to go, chica!

  2. mmm I need to try some of that... this post makes me smile. I need to barrow that book.


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