Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 34

Today would have been a Wednesday post.  Yay.  I'm a week from being at today. 0_o

Church has been a tricky subject for Josh and I.  For a while we searched.  Then we found a church that we loved.  Unfortunately, through no fault of the other members, to us, church became a chore.  It was no longer something we enjoyed but just a place we went that was another job and kept us from the one morning we could sleep in and spend time together.

I'll give it this: your family is your number one ministry after your personal relationship with God.  I know fellowship is important as well.

Sunday morning is our morning to skype with our friends in Japan.  That's a form of fellowship.  I almost feel like the people who say homeschoolers need to be socialized.  It's like in my head, you have to go to a big building filled with many people you don't know well, to be fellowshiping.  I go for the few people there that I'm close to.  I know corporate worship is important, but I honestly have a hard time connecting in that setting.  I know life and church are not about you.  I know they are about glorification of Christ.



So tell me:
Church = Chore or Celebration?

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