Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 49

What makes something a sign?  I really am not sure of the answer to this question at the moment.
Life has a way of throwing curve balls.  Okay, life doesn't.  God does.  (Depending on your theological beliefs.)

Before winter my car was giving me trouble... of the very troubling kind.  Darling and I aren't rich in the money sense so we did what d.i.y. we could and borrowed other cars when that wouldn't work.  After dad taught me that it just needed to be driven a little under the speed limit, it's been fine.  Today, I'm driving along, under the speed limit, though it's been fine going above it, and it starts.  Twenty minutes from work, suddenly the car starts, in my words, "clugging".  It acts as though it's only getting gas in waves and threatens to shut down if I apply more than the lightest touch to the pedal.    At one point, I was going about 15.  On the highway.

"Bags."  (Name that book and I'll give you a virtual cookie.)

This is my question: Is this a sign?

I am supposed to quit because:
 45 minutes is just too far of a drive.
Gas is ridiculous and only going to get worse.
A car payment is going to keep me working at a job where I barely make money as it is due to the above.

Am I suppose to stay:
Because of car payment, therefore forcing me?
A lot of people don't have jobs, how can I be so flippant with mine.

Is this just God's way of forcing me to talk to him and rely on him?

As my husband would say, "I have two words for you.  Stop it.

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