Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 54

In my very small defense, I tried to post yesterday.

I'm a person of drastic change.  It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I like to keep it low key and slowly shock the world.   I love doing things like growing my hair out and then, suddenly, chopping it up to my chin.   Moving over a period of 3 months.  Being single and then, suddenly, I'm engaged.  (Okay, so I've only done that once. (: )  

It just seems to be the way God and I roll.  It's months of one thing, then all the
sudden, BAM! God leads me somewhere else, and fast.    Normally it starts as this little nagging desire, and then it turns into a full blown longing and this feeling of knowing it's the way.   Odd, but true.  I'm sure there are some people who would complain about this method of viewing God and leadership, but it's worked for me.
I don't recommend it for everyone.  I follow God's peace.  For some, that might not be how it works.

All that said, I quit.   Today is actually the perfect day to announce this because it is the beginning of the actual "two weeks."   My boss has been a huge blessing, giving me a window of time to come back before she fills my position.

I'm kinda scared but not.  It's like, I dunno, playing hide and seek in the dark.  It's a little scary because you can't really see and people can surprise you, but it's so exciting to see how the game plays out.

I don't have for sure plans yet.   I am just taking the first step.

I wanna stay home a little while, get into a groove.  It's time to make this house home.
I'd love to work on art more diligently.  Maybe even start an artist day where I set up, put on music and people are welcome to come by and create as they wish.
It's the perfect time for the pups too as they are needing more intense attention.   I say that as they wrestle on the floor.
I also want to spend time reconnecting with others.
Oh yeah, and blogging.  I'm loving doing this blog and have some ideas for a few more.

I may spend a week at home, go stir crazy, and go back.  I kinda doubt it though.

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