Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 47

I think I've found my tattoo.

"bien de ma peau"
"comfortable in my skin"
(Corrected, it should be "dans" not "de")

 I have been reading "French Women Don't Get Fat" today and that really struck me.  Could some of my French speaking friends let me know if it's correct?

 Perhaps I'll just get a series of sayings on my arm:

"Let go."
"Free at last"

Here's a song from today's listenings on the Flogging Molly Pandora station:


  1. the wailin' jenny's were here for a concert last year. sadly i missed it, but i love them.

  2. haha... wow that's where i was considering getting my tattoo... interesting. And i do love that song.


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