Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 38


My handsome, caring stud is 24 today.  I adore him so much and I wish this had actually been posted on his birthday.  I don't know why I don't use the Mr's name on here, I just don't.  I think Darling/Hubby/Mr/My Man fit just fine.

Here's my plan to celebrate his birthday on here.  I'm going to tell you 24 things I love and celebrate in him.  :-)


1.  His smile.  
     I absolutely melt at his smile.

2. His authority.
    Darling doesn't feel the need to play the "I'm the husband" card often.  That said, he has such authority in everything he does.  I completely trust him as the leader of our home.

3. His hair.
    The man has gorgeous hair.  It makes me so jealous sometimes.  All he does is wash it and blow dry it for a moment and, wham-bam, it's awesome.   It's also longer than mine.  Yes, I am totally okay with that.

4.  His inner rock star.
    My boss jokingly told me that when she first saw Mr, she thought he could totally be a rocker DJ.  He has this delicious pirate/rock star/hippieness to him.  Mmmmhmmmm. I digress.  :)

5.  His calm.
     He has this unflappable calm.  Nothing really upsets his cool.

6.  His quiet.
     Darling doesn't really waste words.  I'm a talker, so that's so refreshing for me.  He teaches me so much about being quiet and actually making what you say worth something.

7.  His quirks. 
     He does these things a lot that make me smile.  Even when he's mad, he has these quirks that make me smile.  Like the way he smiles after doing something he thinks is pretty cool.

8.  His dream.
     I have no doubt in my mind that he has a God-given gift for film and directing.  He has held on to his dreams so that they are always there, just under the surface of everything he thinks about.

9.  His faith
     He carries a card in his wallet outlining his roles as a servant of Christ.  It's beautiful because it's how he is.

10.  His britishness.
       God bless the Queen.  And my officially British-American husband.

11.  His love.
       He flat out loves me, even when I don't deserve it.

12.  His laugh.
       Especially when I tickle him.  Heehee.

13.  His voice.
       I love to listen to him sing.  I try to be discrete and not make it obvious I'm listening but yeah. It's awesome.

14.  His art.
       There's not a lot of people I know as good as him at dreaming something up and then creating it.  He is so talented.

15.  His kisses.
       Need I say more?

16.  His hugs.
       I feel so at home in his arms.  There is so much assurance and strength.

17.  His hands.
       Whenever we go somewhere, he holds my hand.  It makes me feel so valued.

18.  His work.
       Darling has put up with some really crappy jobs so he can provide.  He doesn't like it.  He wants to do other things.  Before that though, he wants to make sure I am provided for.

19.  His humility.
       Along with the last one, his understanding that ultimately he doesn't provide for me.  He can never give everything or anything I need.  It's only through Christ.

20.  His refusal.
       Mr refuses to tell me how to do my hair, paint a picture or dress.  He wants me to be the individual God created me to be.  He doesn't want my goal to be pleasing him.

21.  His humor.
       He knows how to make me laugh better than anyone.   He has a very sharp wit, surprising quips and dryness to make a martini jealous.

22.  His sushi.
       What? It's to die for.  Baby got skills.

23.  His passion.
        He gives his all to everything he does.  He fully embraces every moment.

24.  His everything.
       I could make dozens of lists just like this and never record all the big and little things I love about him.  He is my Somewhere, Warrior Poet, Protector, Lover, Comrade, Shopping Buddy and Other Half.

i love you j.d.e.

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  1. Very nice, Christa. I miss you guys. SO much.


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