Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 48

My desire to stay at home and be "wife" is nearly at a maddening level.  Today was such a tantalizing tease.  I'm tormented with this drive to be home and not gone.  In today's society, though, that only seems to be acceptable if you have children.   Why?  I don't know.  Perhaps then it is seen as your motherly duty to do that.  Odd, because that is normally when you need more money.   I wouldn't mind something with regular hours here in town.  I just want so much to be home.  I need to make home.  I'm also really open to the idea of working from home.

Darling is totally comfortable with me being a stay-at-home wife.  He thinks the idea is great.  It's a little more me who can't give up the need to make money.  I feel like it's cheating if he has to and I don't.  He says that's silly.   I told him, in the all run, I just want to be sure I bring value to his life.

"The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain." 
Proverbs 31:11


  1. I think I've found quite a bit of unspoken condemnation for being a stay-at-home-mother as well - so children are not always the overpowering excuse in the world's eyes.

    I am happy with this time being at home because I can take care of my kid myself, work part time online, deal with all the household things, and dedicate all the rest of my time to . . . ART! That being said, I still deal occasionally deal with occasional criticisms from others for wanting to be this way.

    All that to say . . . wherever you are in life, you will have to find peace with it and try your best, day after day, to ignore the opinions of others.

    And for right now . . . kudos to making that drive everyday to help out your little family!

    It won't last forever.

    Ladaisi Blog

  2. To be a stay-at-home wife is my DREAM and DESIRE! Nothing makes me happier than taking care of our home so that I can make a safe and restful place for Husband to come home to.

    I truly believe that there is no greater form of our femininity than to be homemakers; we create and nurture and design and maintain and fight for the peace in our homes.



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