Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 40

                                                                                      As you may or may not know, the world is supposed to end Dec. 21st 2012.  I don't really think it is going to end on that day, but hey, we'll go with it for the sake of this post.                                         

The world's coming end has me thinking about something:  If I know for sure that the world will end in 2012, what do I want to do with this year?  What should I accomplish and what ultimately wouldn't matter.   My pessimistic view is not a lot would really matter.   I know others being touched by my faith would be basically the whole point of life.   (Another good question, how is that best lived out?)
Could this not be a great motivator, though?   Like the mackdaddy of all bucket lists?

Let me think about this today and see what I come up with.  

Meanwhile:  What about you?  

What would you want to do if the world for sure were to be ending on Dec. 21st 2012?

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