Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 42

 I'm woefully bad at this.  I admit it.  No excuses.  Time to get real.

Sunshine.  The sun has been out and about lately.  It's wonderful!  Even B&T love it.  They will ask to go outside just to sit and enjoy the sun on the sidewalk.  I used to be a winter person.  I loved the cold and the dark.

Not no more.  :-p  I miss the sunshine.  I think it's my BF's fault.  She's the kinda girl that wears flip flops in  the snow.  (By the way, my husband does that too.)  She also is the person I always hunt through candles for.  Once we went to FL together and we decided that the best smell for a candle is sunshine, sunscreen and chlorine.   And teal.  If teal had a scent, that scent would be Sylver.

She's in California.

Photo132.jpg image by Didge

  Can you tell I miss her more than I miss sunshine?

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  1. Oh my gosh, Ista! This is such a sweet blessing even to read!!! Thank you so much! I love you and miss you too. It is so amazing to me that no matter how far apart we are, and no matter how long we dont talk... we are still the same best friends we were as camp counselors together or at Toccoa fest, because by George we will never forget Toccoa 2005!

    I cant wait to see you and so grateful for you!!/photo.php?fbid=1002208491558&set=a.1002158810316.2000027.1115190033&theater


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