Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 45

I forgot to mention something earlier.  I saw the sweetest sibling moment on my way home.

There are lots of kids in my neighbourhood.   Lots.   Some of them have been known to run across the road with no care for drivers on that road.   Surprisingly, it's normally the older kids who do this.

Well, today, as I was coming home, I noticed two of the younger kids, maybe 6 at the most, walking their dog.  As the older of the two brothers noticed my car, even though they weren't even close to the road, he held out his hand across his brother's chest.    After stopping the younger brother, who was around 4, in the manner I'm sure he'd seen in his elders, the oldest motioned me to continue.

What a man, what a man.

   The completely maturity and thoughtfulness of the oldest made me smile.  He had so instantly leapt into the leadership role.  He was so ready to protect his younger brother.   Not only did he protect his brother, but, he also took the leader role in motioning me that I was safe to keep going.  Which, by the way, I did, after waving to him.

What a moment I was blessed to share.

Here's an amazing video about moments.  Enjoy.

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