Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hullo, hullo, hullo!

We are safely moved and settled into our new awesome town.

Unfortunately, I do not have internet at home, because the internet companies say it will be 20 years until we can.  Truly. 20 years. -_-

Therefore, that has made getting the new site design up difficult, even with a web developer for a husband.

It will be up as soon as we can get it up, but for now, I'm just offline.  I thought about trying to blog from my phone all the time, but that would get tedious quickly.

In more exciting news, which has no bearing on the new name when it is announced, Somewhere and I are expecting again!
Nov. 9th is our due date.  :)
We are super excited and have already heard a strong little heartbeat fill a room.

Okay, you are now all up to date and I am off to work.  Until internet arrives in my area, I'll simply continue to only post occasionally from the library.

Thanks and have an awesome, blessed day!