Thursday, February 3, 2011


"Free at last, free at last.  Thank God Almighty, I am free at last."

One of my favorite parts on the DC Talk "Jesus Freaks" album was at the ending of a song.  They put this sweet, soulful version of "Free at last" in there just tucked in at the end.  For some reason, whenever I think of freedom, either in Christ, or in other matters (yes, such as my hair) this piece pops in my head.  

Tonight, after having a strange, but really good day, I was doodling on my arm.  I drew a butterfly and then underneath I wrote "free at last."  I'm pretty fickle so I don't know that I will ever get a tattoo, but if I did, it might be in the running.   

 This tattoo would be cool for a couple reasons.  First, just like a butterfly, we all have to go through the transformation process to reach our end purpose.  Second, sometimes from the most common looking thing, a work of wonder can arise.  Third, it makes me think of another favorite song of mine "Feeling Good" by the amazing Nina Simone.   This is completely a song that transports me, and suddenly, I'll feel an overwhelming sense of freedom listening to that one.

What songs give you a sense of freedom, wonder, delight, or saddness?

Like the a leaf on the wind, my brain flits all over.  I hope you can keep up... or at least find something shiny to look at while I'm drifting.

*Yep... faded a bit... showered.  Sorry for bathing.


  1. Beautiful and artistic and yet tastefully organized.

  2. By the way, Nina Simone's "Wild Is the Wind" was our "first dance" song for the wedding.

  3. Don't ever apologize for bathing! ;o)

    What a lovely butterfly!


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