Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 19

Day one of being by myself with the puppies for most of the day.  I'm utterly exhausted. I've decided they need middle names just so I can say a satisifyingly long name when I'm frustrated.  "Brink Alexander!" "Topher.... Topher!"

There's something I'm going for this year... finding, for lack of a better word, my zen.  I'm not trying to be new age.  You know those people that you meet and they just have a peacefulness?  They seem to have it together, not in like an overly organized way, but just chill and go with the flow.  Most of the people I have meet like that have lived incredible lives.  They are the kind of people who I imagine in a studio, with a bandana tied around their hair, creating art with messy medium all over them.  That's peace to me.
I guess what I'm going for is a spiritual peace that spills over into lifestyle.  Not just a peace that helps you through the moments of trouble. This peace is a calmness that overwhelms all.  I think part of it is that it's not focused on earth.  It's focused on life.

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