Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 12

What to talk about today... hmmm.

  I don't know.  I think today has kinda been about little moments.

  • Goofy moments of laughter with partners at work, both old and new 
  • My dad pumping $5 extra dollars of gas in my car. 
  • Sitting down with a gentleman at work talking about his blog and his time at war.
  • Reconciliation.  
  • A kind word from someone.  
  • Walking through Wal-Mart talking to my husband.  
  • A warm hot shower.  
  • Quiet moments of prayer in my car.

Moments like these fill our days.   Now I'm pondering just how often I let them drift by, not really taking the time or effort, to count them up.

Make a list, or just think for a minute... what moments have you had today?

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