Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 28

As my facebook status said, "Tired, but it's my day off, so every breath I draw is hallelujah."

It really has been a loverly day though.  The pups and I cleaned out my car a bit.  Then we just sat on the step and enjoy the weather.  I may or may not have been beating the game "Army Lines" on my phone.  Whhhaaaaaa?  It's a fun game.

Hubby and I went and got BK for lunch.  I decided to try their new iced coffee, Seattle's Best, with mocha.  Not as good as the Mocha Joe, but it was... ehh. 

I can't think of anything really profound that the day brought. 

 OO! The power went out! Yeah, for about an hour and... a half? They apparently were working on the lines, but didn't really figure it was worth giving everyone a heads up.  At dinner time.  When I was going to make ramen (not because we're poor, but because we like it) on my electric stove.   I actually was a little sad when the power did turn back on.  The quiet was so nice and the candles everywhere were so pretty.  I also didn't have internet or my phone (battery died and I couldn't find it with the lights off) so I got a good little bit done.  I'm very easily distractible.  I know, I know, shocker, right?

Mmm, all the commas in that last sentence made me think of something I've been meaning to mention.  I love commas and I love making new paragraphs when my mood changes.   Those are both bad.  I do the comma thing too much and I hate trying to remember all the rules.   I do think it looks so nice, though, when people take the time to correctly address others: "I love you, Blah."  "Thank you, Harriet."  I don't know why, I just like it.  

The whole paragraph thing... yeah.  I don't know.  I just put them when I think we have reached something that needs new attention or if my mood changes.  I think it's because I speed read, so I want the catchy stuff to, well, catch your eye.

Anywho, I love you all! 


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  1. Ahh. Funny thought about commas, that. No two people will agree on them. I tend to write the way things sound - if I can read it aloud and it sounds the way I want, then I'm good to go. Thus the commas go where I want the reader to pause.


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