Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 16 for real

A blessing is a new tradition at our family birthday parties. Every month or sometime twice a month, the families get together to celebrate a birthday. There are some neat traditions, such as getting to pick the theme for the meal and "slappin' bones." the blessing is the latest tradition. Before or after presents, while we are all sitting in a circle, we each take a turn saying what about the honored guest blesses us. It's kinda awkward when you are the person sitting there receiving the blessing but so far it's been fun. It pushes you past family teasing and presents and reminds us to value those in our family and to go beyond that and actually tell them. Lately, life has given many reminders that those opportunites should be taking because you don't known when they might be your last.

I know people always say corny things like this, but for real, please tell those in your life you love them and why.

 Also, leave a comment and let me know a family tradition your family has.

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  1. I gotta say, I think anybody reading this is thinking "Slappin' bones? That sounds painful!" Haha. Love ya' sis!


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