Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 24

I've realized that by today I should be on day, ahem, 24. Yeah.  Sorries.

Life is finally reaching normal now that Brink and Topher have been with us a week.  My hands look like I have been in a fight with a cactus due to their needle sharp claws.  They are definitely not trying to hurt me, it just happens.  I've gotten used to getting less sleep... moreso, getting to bed earlier.

We are totally the "buy everything and freak out and worry the whole time" kind of pawrents.  We've bought "cherry bitter" and "urine cleaner".  Then what did we do?  Spent a couple bucks and bought a huge thing of vinegar.  I hope we are learning fast.  We spend hours reading blogs and books about puppies.  It's.. odd.

Oh, by the way, I talk about them all the time as well.   Like last night, Topher took a bath without much complaining at all!  Brink? He totally went to the door and asked to go outside to use the bathroom.
 "Go potty. Go potty."


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  1. hahahaha... this cracks me up. oh you two, parents.


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