Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 88 | ugh

I feel so horrible about how little I've been able to blog this weekend. It's simply been non-stop. The wedding I worked threw a kink in my make up review and today I just didn't have the time to redo some of the steps. If anyone was waiting to read that tonight, I'm so sorry to have let you down. In exciting news, Somewhere and I have been talking and I'm going to have a surprise for you guys. Hint hint, Day 100 is coming up. To me, it's weird that there are nearly 100 little posts you can read to get further into my mind. I feel a little bit naked thinking about it.

This said, expect a nice long post and a make up review tomorrow.

Be loving!

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  1. so many apologies! it's YOUR blog, you write when you feel like / inspiration hits / you're bored enough to do it. :]

    you're the boss of this blog. either write, or don't, but don't apologize for one or the other. OWN IT.


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