Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 80 | Coffee

It's definitely a coffee morning.  I'm hungry but we have no milk, my yogurt went bad, a bagel sounds gross, and I don't know what to eat.  I should make oatmeal.  That would help.

Is it weird I'm really excited to be in the 80's?  June is turning out well, 4 days, 4 posts.  Woot. :)  I'm thinking about updating the blog a bit.  I'm looking into it today in fact. That will be exciting.  (I hate this font, I just realized that.)

I dunno, I'm kinda moody this morning. It's not a bad mood, just moody.  The fact that Somewhere and I went to sleep around... 1ish doesn't help.  I'm a nightowl mostly and Somewhere definitely is, but with his job and our puppies, it's difficult to be so like we used to.  I'm barefoot with bare toes (no nail polish), in jeans and a tank top and my great-grandparent's (I don't know which) buckle ring on my fingers.  My hair is absolutely huge today. I have to say, I feel pretty though.  I think it's the bare toes.  That and having the windows/doors open while the pups lay on the porch, listening to the birds, it's getting to me. I'm relaxing.  That's why I started this blog.  To relax my mind.

I've come to the conclusion that the excuses are gone.  I have a wonderful, wonderful husband, who I love and adore, who supports me in basically everything I do.  I want purple and blue hair? Do it.  I want to start finding a niche in an artistic sense that I could maybe start a business with?  Do it.   I want to wear glitter eye shadow every day of my life? Do it.  He gives me no excuses not to take the world for all I can.  (This font is horrid, too, today.  Tomorrow I'll love them again.)  

I've left my job for the role of house wife.  It's time to start finding a way to be the Proverbs 31 gal and bring income into my home from home.  This also means I can have stuff like purple and blue hair because I do not really desire to re-enter the outside work force.  It also means I have to show drive and motivation and force myself to do this.  It means all my excuses to not create art, a way to hide from talents not being honed, are gone.  It means so much and I don't know what to do with all this freedom.



  1. You punched the highlights out of her hair!

    Your post made me think of that quote.

    I like the last font the best. The first one was hard to read and the middle few weren't as pretty.

    Ever think about starting an Etsy shop? I'm not sure what your niche is but they seem to have just about everything on there!

  2. PS Don't know if you've been there, but there is this coffeehouse in Hiawassee that stays open till 6 PM every evening and is halfway set up like a living room. The guy there told me they'd probably be hiring soon....but also, they have a wall they call "Artist of the Month" and they feature someone's paintings on it....They also sell home-made jewelry and craft items....might be a cool outlet for you.

  3. Oh yeah! I'm trying to think of the name of that place. It's really cute and has instruments on one wall, right?

  4. I hope you figure out what it is you want to do or are being led to do.. you are a joy to us all.. good luck and god bless in all of you endeavors.. i know you will succeed

  5. Thank you so much, Leslie, for your encouraging words!


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