Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 79 | Inspired: Part One

Today has been an amazing day!  I have had such a positive attitude and so much energy.  I love days like this.

Today, I'm also inspired.  I should put up pictures with this but to be honest, my energy has worn out and I will just have to do it in a different post.  This, therefore, is being changed to "Inspired: Pt 1."

There. Changed.

I have been thinking today about some things I wanna maybe take up.  Like being a make up artist for a local theatre.  Re-doing the blog so it looks... cool? Professional?  I really am trying to give regular blogging a go.  So many times I've felt like giving up, but even though I'm 50ish days behind, I just can't.  I have to finish this.

This is the Year of Tenacity.  

It's at least the Year of Being Tenacious for Tenacity.

I feel so utterly overwhelmed to all the beauty, creativity and potential around me.  I want to express myself, I want to break out, I want to explode in wonderment and response.  I want to let the beauty in my heart and that my eyes see flow on paper, faces, decor and music.  I want to portray my heart and play my soul.

I also want so much to join forces with Somewhere, for he is so creative and I would love to experience more of what we can create together.

What inspires you?

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