Sunday, June 5, 2011

81 | Car Rides

"Mom! Topher's touching me!"

This is a little post, not the post for the day, just cause I wanna share some cute pictures.  Brink and Topher love the new car.  We used to have a hard time getting them into our cars, but this car, they love it.  They are supposed to love it.  We bought an SUV for dogs and, later, for children.

Good of a shot as I'm getting
of Toph in the car.

Yesterday we went to the dog park for the second day in a row to exercise and exhaust ourselves... at least our puppyselves.   I now understand why Mom took us to the playground.  It was fun for us and promised her a quiet afternoon.

Back to the story, the only hard part of traveling with the babes is they like to try to come up front.  Other than that, we love having them with us.  They are so good at waiting til we tell them to get out.  I've never had them just jump out of the car.   Also, the multiple ways they like the sit in the car cracks us up.  These are the favorites of yesterday:

For some reason, Toper loves to ride facing backwards.
I haven't figured that one out.

Brink is an absolute daddy's boy.
He adores spending time with his boy.
"You are my master and I looove you."

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