Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dey 3

I'm sitting here in bed, watching Veronica Mars while my still sick husband sleeps.  I was trying to think what to write about as I have one hour left in the day.  The mom of one of the characters walked on the screen, and with her, my idea for this post.  This mom had the perfect yoga body, complete with the perfect yoga outfit, showing off more of her abs than I have ever felt comfortable doing. She had the body I want so badly.  Then I remember... all the sugar and crud I've put in my body today alone.  On top of that, did I exercise? Nope.  (Okay, in my defense, today isn't the best example of a day to work out on.  I was at work most of the day.)  There are plenty of days though were I could exercise.  I just don't take the time and effort.  You could say it is because I don't love myself enough, give myself enough worth or I am just plain lazy.  Any of these, and maybe a little bit of all of these are true.

This isn't just about my body though.  What else am I feeding into my body and mind while expecting something else?  I mean, I don't want to sound trite or judgmental.  That's far from it.  Its just like with food that somethings certain people can eat all day long and not gain a pound, while others can't even have a bite.   Am I watching shows or movies full of sex and yet expecting a pure marriage? Am I listening to movie that feeds anger and yet expecting to be happy?  Am I filling my mind with all the worries of the day, and yet expecting the peaceful sleep of those who trust?

So what's on your mind's plate tonight/today?

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 I hope these don't sound Reader's Digest.
Yeah, I will be going to work on that hot wife look.  There's just the whole "doing it" thing.


  1. there's like some sort of disconnect between knowing and doing, for sure.

    i know, for example, that when i'm sick, i shouldn't eat sugar.

    yet yesterday and today, as soon as i'd finished my "healthy" meals, i indulged in a whole half a row of brownies! and after dinner, i ate a bowl of frosted freakin flakes! what the heck? i JUST read some article about how sugar impacts white blood cell counts. and i KNOW that i have about 14 days with no day off starting with a 12 hour day tomorrow. am i a glutton for punishment?!?!?

    it's not just you. there's a sickness beyond my physical sickness that feeds on feeling good, not necessarily living well. it's physical, it's mental, and it's spiritual.


  2. Wow! Thank you for writing that. You've given me food for thought for like, the whole rest of the week!


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