Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day Ate

Sorry there was no post last night.  I'm posting this really quickly before I leave for work.   I'm running on about 4 hours of sleep, woot woot, but family is worth it.

Anywho, time for the real reason for this post.  Maybe you're like me and sometimes you get stressed or worried about the "m" word.   I know, there's a few of those, so let me narrow it down.  Money.  That moment when you look at the paychecks and go... "hmmm.  That's just not going to cover it all. Crappp, not again."  Josh and I are really working on taking care of money but stuff still happens.  Things out of our control.   If you are like me, you then spend the whole day fretting and conniving ways to stretch it out, push this bill there and cut that cost down.  By the end of the day, you have a total stomachache and all you feel is sick.

BUT WAIT! God said "who by worrying can add an inch to his life?"  He also said "cast your cares upon me."  Not only that, but He also said, "do not worry about tomorrow, for today has enough cares of its own."

 Can I add a dollar to my bank account by sheer worry will power? Heck no.

 Is my needing a little more just going to break the bank of the God of the universe? Are you crazy?

Was today a day that caught God by surprise?  He exists outside and inside of time, so, really?

This is my moment of saying

     "God, every time I've stressed, you have whispered, 'who are you to say what's enough. Trust me.  Why are you letting a piece of paper tell you what's enough?'  In this and from today on (one day at a time) I won't stress or worry.  Grant wisdom and do what you have always done oh so well. Thank you. I don't deserve all You do.  Amen."


  1. Ah! Christa, I needed to read this today. THANK YOU! And thank you Lord!!!!!!

  2. you're so right on! I love how you worded "outside and inside of time" , when i think about that wording, I'm like...."yeah that's true." I've just never thought of it that way before :)


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