Friday, January 21, 2011

Day Won

Well hello there.  This is my first blog for this blogject of mine.   A lot of people are doing "Project 365" right now, which is basically where you take a picture every day representing that day for 365 days, aka, one year.   I have tried that before... and then broke my phone which was acting as my camera.  After that happened, I gave up.

 I have really been wanting to get into this blogging thing though.  I have tried numerous times, but either reached a point where I felt I couldn't be myself for fear of what others would say, or I reached the point where it was too intimate to share with the general public anymore.  I am going to use this blog as the happy medium. (Don't you love that phrase? "The happy medium." I love it so much particularly because of a character in Ms. L'Engle's books who was called the Happy Medium. I digress.)

For 365 days, I am going to commit to blogging.  There is no particular reason why I chose today, Jan. 21st, to be the start of this blog.  It just is.  My birthday is in a few weeks, but I didn't want to wait that long.

Also, and I don't even know if I should mention this part, or just let my words do the talking.   I am a believer of a particular faith. (Christianity, if you must know.) Due to this, I have felt over time that I couldn't express the things I liked because of my position in my faith.  If you are someone who has ever made me feel that way, don't worry, I'm in no way angry.  I thank you for keeping me honest.  I just can't continue to have two sides of me.

 I am in absolutely no way perfect.  I have honestly called myself the "worst Christian example ever."  I swear.  I watch movies and tv shows that I shouldn't. I laugh and tell jokes that I shouldn't. I know I am so very flawed.  Sometimes I feel so much so that I don't know if God wants to talk to me.  For some reason, He normally does.

That's part of the process I am in right now.  Most people who call themselves Christians, annoy the ever living heck out of me.  I can't stand them and I wonder if that is really how Christ wanted to be represented.  I'm on a journey of learning to be a follower of Christ, and not merely, a Christian.

I think that's enough said for right now.

Thank you for coming! If you are interested, stick around, comment, add, whatever.  If you aren't, or you don't want your children reading me, that's totally fine.  My feelings aren't hurt.  I don't blame you.  Please have a fantastic day!

That said, I'm signing off to finish making sushi.

Start every day aiming for fantastic,
[Insert name here]

 (I haven't decided on a blogger name yet.  Any ideas?)


  1. I'm here, reading.... I love blogging as you know. I'm hoping my blog will see more life than it has... been a dry spell for sure!

    I look forward to reading along as you write... you go girl!


  2. CJ! I love you! I love that you are sharing this with me and the world. You will be in my prayers. This is a tough journey you have embarked on. May God be glorified in it!

    Oh, and I hope you stick with blogging better than I did. I just got burned out. I saw a blog the other day that listed lots of blog starters if you get stuck and can't think of something to write one day.



  3. Christa, I'm glad you are doing this. I am a big fan of NCIS on TV and one of Gibbs' hard and fast rules is "Don't apologize!" I hope you will do less apologizing and more writing about why you believe the way you do. I am so interested in your perspective on faith, God, love, etc. So, go for it and I will follow...Martha Honaker

  4. I always think of the Happy Medium in "A Wrinkle In Time" when I hear that, too. =)

    Awesome, looking forward to sharing the journey!

  5. Hi Christa,

    I love this. I know what you mean about feeling like a horrible example of Christ's name. Maybe if we don't feel that way, then we don't truly have a sense of his holiness in light of the wickedness of our own hearts? Don't know, just a thought. Please don't judge my grammatical errors.
    Hope I'm not a Christian that annoys you, and hope you feel comfortable being around me, because I'm totally over worrying about other people's walks beyond praying for them. I've got a plank to get out of my own eye.


    ps. i tend to be on the dorky side when it comes to names but i think blogject 365 is a cute name


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