Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 5ive

    You thought I forgot/gave up this soon, huh?  Nope... You're stuck with me these full on 52 weeks. :-p

   Here's why some of my posts will be later at night.  I work, and where I work, I sometimes don't get off til 11:30 and then I have about a 45 minute drive home.  Add to that eating and spending some time with the hubby man, and you get to a number that is very late.

   I've gotten back into the late night mood lately.  I think doing this blog has kinda helped it along.  I am being to cherish the quiet night as my husband sleeps beside me.  To know that I am free to relax and not have to leave anytime soon for work or some event.  It's bliss. Me and Veronica (Mars) spend the night solving crimes and sorting out my thoughts.  Okay, so really, she solves the crimes and I try to sort my mind.

  There's something that keeps reoccurring whenever I think about who I am.  I feel like people perceive me in a totally different way then who I am inside.  They see me as the sweet, loving, jeans and t-shirt, kinda-weird-but-still-pretty-safe girl I have been forever.  For the most part they are right, I try very hard to be kind.  Mainly, I feel like my fashion doesn't match me. I'm clean cut, no tats or piercing, my hair is a normal colour (for now, mwahahaha)  I guess this is a kinda pointless post, except to say, expect some changes.

  Here's a fun site to visit if you feel like staying up til 4 A.M. I've had so much fun here making a little collage of what I'd like my style to lean towards.  The site, Polyvore, lets you browse through tons of different items, based on categories you pick.  Then it allows you to either drag them onto a blank page or into a template creating a piece of art out of your fashion choices.  Not only can you save your "set" and share it, it will show you a list of where to purchase all the items.

Time waster? Maybe. Good way to show people your style for upcoming holidays or birthdays. Definitely.  What's that you say? My birthday is coming up? Why! You're right!  I didn't even think of that...

Thanks to for the original mention of this super site.


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