Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wild Purpose Pt. 2

Back to Songs of Water and Wild Purpose.

I do believe some of the members are professing Believers.  There were touches of faith strewn throughout the lyrics.  What touched me though was that they didn't have to say they were Believers.  They lived it.  They had joy and peace.

The music was alive. It was live as well, but, it was alive.  Each member was deeply involved the instruments, rhythm and music.  Each played several instruments, jumping from piano to drum to guitar to hammered dulcimer.   Most were swaying to the music or clapping, if not shouting out when the moment overtook them.  It was enough to break your heart, sometimes with sadness and sometimes with passion.
It brought to mind one of my dream scenarios:  A gypsy campfire.

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  First.  I know that some people view "gypsy" as a derogatory term.  I am in no way using it as such.  I think gypsies are beautiful people and took a world that was harsh to them and made it magnificent.  I use the term with all the honor I feel is due it.

To the dream...

       A campfire with a sandy beach surrounding you.  A cool breeze blows, causing the grasses to swish.  As the floating embers of the fire dance their way to join the stars, tanned bare feet move to join the song.  Colorful gypsy skirts, long hair and pipe smoke all swirl around you, families laughing together, loves flirt across the fire, elders watching, remembering the fires and flames of the past.  Violins haunt you, then cause your spirit to rejoice. Drums as soft as your heart and as loud as the crashing waves.  The delicate rustle of a skirt, the melodic tingle of bells attached to ankles, earrings and hair, the thunder of clapping.  It's a maddening orchestra of delighting in the joy to be found in the world, the beauty to be celebrated.

To me, this is a vision of wild beauty.


I want a faith that is earthy real.  I want to be a home that follows me wherever I am. I want to embrace all of the beauty God has placed in this earth.  I want to live a life that when I go to bed, I know I allowed God to move in me with all the freedom I can.


I do not want the American Dream.

I want the Barbarian way.

I want to walk in the Way.

I want to move to the sacred dance.

I want Wild Purpose.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


.watch me.
(thanks to Lauren for this one.)

This is so powerful.  Seriously.  Don't expect this to be one of those Spoken Word things about marriage or anything like that.  It is still powerful.

Does it really matter how many views I have?  Does it really matter if people comment on my blog?  I reach out my thoughts to all my friends instead of specifically speaking into the lives of my friends.

That said, it's Valentines (happy for you I hope) and I have husband who I need to spend time with instead of this computer.

Love to you all!

Just a moment

I was planning to blog, but, working on a birthday present took precedence.   Therefore, I am just putting up a quick watercolor I did the other day with the awesome art set my Aunt M sent and some watercolor-filled brushes I had.

It's a girl with dreads.  Basically.

By Me

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthdays and such

I was thinking this morning about birthdays.  This is the 4th birthday I've celebrated with Somewhere.  Its been an interesting journey, learning to blend traditions, start new ones and let go of old.  I have blogged previously about my family's extensive birthday traditions, therefore, I won't revisit them.

I was asking myself what mattered about birthdays, what is truly important about birthdays.  Am I childish in the way I view them? (I come from a background of on your birthday, you are royalty.)

I had a realization.  This may make me sound sad or depressed.  I'm not.  I was simply thinking about people in general.

Birthdays are important because life is hard.
Life beats on you.  It pushes until you don't know if you can take it.   It is a tragic beauty at times.  Daily I have people around me who feel they are failures.  We've all felt it. I know a certain reader is going to think I mean them.  I really don't.  I didn't realize dear, that you might think that until after I typed it.   We wonder about purpose, life and meaning.
Life is hard.

 Given this, birthdays are important.
It is the day where you know you matter.
Everyone should be made to feel they matter and make life better for those around them because they are in it.
Everyone needs a day where we forget the faults.
A day where we are not the sum of our mistakes, instead, we are celebrated for whatever is good.
It is a day for laughter, warmth and light.
Everyone is in this world for a purpose.
On a certain day, God decided it was time for that person to come out and breathe earth's air.
This day is a day to celebrate that purpose.

It matters.

Birthday Nails

Friday, oh Friday.

Friday was really, really busy.

Thursday after my awesome music experience, I felt like being natural.  I didn't want to add varnish to anything.   Therefore, that night, I took off the nail polish and left it.  I've been doing them each evening.

Friday got here and I was non-stop.  Friday night came around and I just didn't have it in me.  I needed rest.  Unfortunately, I didn't got to sleep til 4.  I did have a restful, fun evening with friends though.

Today.  Today I did my nails.  :)

I tried to keep it symbolic of the day. ("So what's the symbology there?")  I'm 25 today.  That's... strange and comforting.  I'm okay with it.  Perhaps even great.   I wanted today to show me.  I know its nails and they don't really matter, given how I was celebrating this week though, you'll be okay.

Anywho.  They are light purple with subtle sparkles and an accent of glitter overload. :-p  I don't plan to put aside my glitter and fun loving side.  I'm just planning to add a little mature to it.

Without further ado, the final nail design:

Sally Hanson - Hard as Nails "Python Purple"
Ms. Manicure "Clear"
N.Y.C. Extra Shiny Top Coat
Sally Girl Sparkle Effects-  Red (No longer available)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wild Purpose, Pt. 1

It took two songs before this was the thought running through my head:
"Lord, what on earth are you trying to stir in me?"
For the past several days, I keep finding wild purpose.  I keep having my heart stirring madly within me.

Tonight Somewhere and I went to see Songs of Water at a college.  It was totally free, but, I would easily pay a considerable amount of money to see them again.  Playing with them tonight was Molly Skaggs, sister of Luke, a member of the band, and daughter of Ricky Skaggs.   Somewhere grew up listening to Ricky Skaggs, and thus, it was really cool that Mr. Ricky Skaggs was there tonight and played with them for one song.

Molly opened, beginning chill bumps that got a better work out in one night than most of my body had all week.  Her voice was haunting.  It was a folksy, Irish-y, mountain wonder.  I couldn't decide if I wanted to cry, run through the woods or curl up with a cup of warm tea (or cocoa) all night.  I think I wanted to do all three.  All at once.

I'm getting frustrated because I felt so much but I feel as though I am not saying this the right way.

She was real, raw and gorgeous.  Her sense of humor was adorable.  Her love of music was overwhelming.  I began to dream of blogging as I listened, trying to remember my thoughts while losing them to the music.
I have lost most forever.   It was interesting to me, since this was a "festival" highlighting Appalachia, that so many old time songs have death as a strong theme, and somehow, not an all together sad one.
The song "Railroad Boy" killed me though. Gosh.  So beautiful and so sad.

Then, when I thought my mind was already on the ceiling it was so wildly blown, on walks Songs of Water.  They said they had once been described as Exotic Pawnshop.  Tonight they said Appalachian Exotic Pawnshop.  That really does fit them.  It was literally one of the best musical performances of my life.  I couldn't help thinking this is one of the truest forms of worship I've had in a long time.  Which is strange since not much was said about God.

I was taken by the thought though that God made music.  He made this incredible gift.

My hubby man is falling asleep, so I will continue this tomorrow, but until then, may your heart's dream be alive with the fiery passion of our Creator.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wednesday Nails

Here are Wednesday's nails.  I was in a mood for scary after what Somewhere and  I have been watching.

Also, I used a lot of cheap nail polishes, some of which don't have names.  I'll go back through and list the ones I know, but, that's why I can't list all the colors.

My inspiration was bloody and gross. You have one or the other normally in a scary show, so I did one hand of each.  


I know, I know, no post yesterday.  Yesturday, as some of you may know, was Tuesday.  I hate to rock your world.  It was.

Tuesday is co-op day, which basically means Day of Dead for all things not co-op and me.  I rocked my Monday nails all day and came home too tired to move, much less paint my nails.  I think we'll all live.  I hope.

      Today I finally got my grasp back on the house work.  It is amazing, when you've been working on keeping up with the house, what not being able to focus on it for a couple days will do to it.   Also, what it will do to your mental state of being.  I'm so used to it taking me all day to recover that being able to get it livable again in like, two hours? maybe? was shocking.  I felt so accomplished and yet so like I did nothing all day.

What can I say?  I'm a recovering... I'm not really sure what to call it, "bad-housewife-cleaning-person?"  No.  That makes me sound like I clean housewives.  That's not really it at all.

      Changing my mind set to that of a healthy person is going well.  It's amazing that even though Somewhere and I have had way less money lately, this past month or so has probably been one of my healthiest food wise in a long time.   I'm starting to notice the difference, even in my cravings and mood.  It is nice.

If you are looking for a great motivator, check out this wonderful, Godly woman's site.

Really inspiring lady here...

       Somewhere and I are enjoying watching the show Supernatural.  It's right up our dorky alley.   Just thought you should know.

      Okay, well I'll see you tomorrow.

Current Mantras:



fat last longer than flavor


Monday, February 6, 2012

Yellow Eyes

Here's the post for yesterday's nail polish design!! Yippiieee! And the world rejoices!

Rimmel "Delicously Dark" (its actually purply)
Milani "Good Morning Sunshine"
L.A. Girls Crackle "


You didn't care?

BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette
White, Gold, Yellow and Purple.
Jordana Black Eye Marker
Almay Hypoallergenic Dial-A-Lash in Black.

Too bad.

Please ignore the bad quality.  I didn't realize that the front camera of the iPhone was a poor quality than the back. Weird.

It was definitely a wilder look than I normally wear.  I know, I know, for me what is tame is still pretty wild for most people.  I was surprised that I actually liked the yellow on my eyes though.   Also, this isn't necessarily what I meant by looking for my wildness.

On that note, this woman, Zoe Keating, definitely understands the wildness for which I am longing.

I love her focus, passion and style.  This is the sort of thing that makes my heart sing.   Maybe one day I can be this raw and full of beauty.   Perhaps I already am.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Yesterday was my birthday party with my mom's family. 

 On that side of the family, we get together at least once a month to celebrate our birthdays.  The person who we are celebrating gets to pick the theme of the meal.  I chose Greek.  There were gyros (souvlaki), greek salad with feta stuffed tomatoes and cheese wrapped in grape leaves, stuffed red peppers, roasted potatoes, spinach pastry, pita with hummus and spinach dip.  Nostimos!

I also got a bunch of amazing gifts, including a BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette No. 1.  

Oh my word.  I keep opening it and just gazing happily. 

I told my hubby last night that to some that many colors may seem too much.  To a make up soul like mine, though, it's akin to a brand new box of crayons.  

*le sigh* 
I see so many opportunities and so many adventures to be had.  

To celebrate the days until my birthday, I'm doing a different nail look every day.  Yesterday, I didn't know when I did my nails that I would be doing this project, so they are a little rough.  It looks okay though.

Ms. Manicure White and Clear, Rimmel Violet Metal and Migi  Deep Blue.
I dipped the white tips in white glitter
and the blue/purple in white glitter on the base and purple and red glitter on tips.

 Last but not least, I've been stretching my ears.  Don't freak.  I'm only going to a 2g.  It was an attempt to correct my uneven piercings.  So far it's not making a difference.  I got sick of the boyish look though so I put eyelash glue on the plug and then dipped them in glitter.  It came off when I put the plugs back in. After that, I just put the glue on them while I wore them, thus, getting glitter on my ear.

My sweet grandparents ("Hi Grandfather and Grandmother!") got me the book One Thousand Gifts as well.  Its all I can do to finish the book I was already reading before diving into this one.  It looks fantastic.

Well, goodnight all!
I'll do a double post tomorrow to catch up.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Last week

Lean, Mean 25 Machine. That's my goal for this year.
This is my last week of being 24.
 After this week, in my mind, I'm an adult.

 It's not that I'm a grown up.  I also realize I should have reached this point well before now.

All that said, this is it.  It's time, beyond time, to put aside childish things.

I still love playdoh, glitter, coloring with crayons and watching 1/4 of a bar of Ivory soap in the microwave.

It just seems time to start viewing life as something to be lived, fully and seriously, with purpose.

This is my last week being 24.

And I need a new blog name.