Sunday, February 5, 2012


Yesterday was my birthday party with my mom's family. 

 On that side of the family, we get together at least once a month to celebrate our birthdays.  The person who we are celebrating gets to pick the theme of the meal.  I chose Greek.  There were gyros (souvlaki), greek salad with feta stuffed tomatoes and cheese wrapped in grape leaves, stuffed red peppers, roasted potatoes, spinach pastry, pita with hummus and spinach dip.  Nostimos!

I also got a bunch of amazing gifts, including a BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette No. 1.  

Oh my word.  I keep opening it and just gazing happily. 

I told my hubby last night that to some that many colors may seem too much.  To a make up soul like mine, though, it's akin to a brand new box of crayons.  

*le sigh* 
I see so many opportunities and so many adventures to be had.  

To celebrate the days until my birthday, I'm doing a different nail look every day.  Yesterday, I didn't know when I did my nails that I would be doing this project, so they are a little rough.  It looks okay though.

Ms. Manicure White and Clear, Rimmel Violet Metal and Migi  Deep Blue.
I dipped the white tips in white glitter
and the blue/purple in white glitter on the base and purple and red glitter on tips.

 Last but not least, I've been stretching my ears.  Don't freak.  I'm only going to a 2g.  It was an attempt to correct my uneven piercings.  So far it's not making a difference.  I got sick of the boyish look though so I put eyelash glue on the plug and then dipped them in glitter.  It came off when I put the plugs back in. After that, I just put the glue on them while I wore them, thus, getting glitter on my ear.

My sweet grandparents ("Hi Grandfather and Grandmother!") got me the book One Thousand Gifts as well.  Its all I can do to finish the book I was already reading before diving into this one.  It looks fantastic.

Well, goodnight all!
I'll do a double post tomorrow to catch up.


  1. I LOOOOOOOVE One Thousand Gifts!!!! you can follow her on FB and her blog too. SO worth the read!

  2. maria is gauging her hears right now, and they look super cute :D i'm a fan of small gauges.

    happy almost birthday!


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