Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthday Nails

Friday, oh Friday.

Friday was really, really busy.

Thursday after my awesome music experience, I felt like being natural.  I didn't want to add varnish to anything.   Therefore, that night, I took off the nail polish and left it.  I've been doing them each evening.

Friday got here and I was non-stop.  Friday night came around and I just didn't have it in me.  I needed rest.  Unfortunately, I didn't got to sleep til 4.  I did have a restful, fun evening with friends though.

Today.  Today I did my nails.  :)

I tried to keep it symbolic of the day. ("So what's the symbology there?")  I'm 25 today.  That's... strange and comforting.  I'm okay with it.  Perhaps even great.   I wanted today to show me.  I know its nails and they don't really matter, given how I was celebrating this week though, you'll be okay.

Anywho.  They are light purple with subtle sparkles and an accent of glitter overload. :-p  I don't plan to put aside my glitter and fun loving side.  I'm just planning to add a little mature to it.

Without further ado, the final nail design:

Sally Hanson - Hard as Nails "Python Purple"
Ms. Manicure "Clear"
N.Y.C. Extra Shiny Top Coat
Sally Girl Sparkle Effects-  Red (No longer available)

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