Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wild Purpose Pt. 2

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I do believe some of the members are professing Believers.  There were touches of faith strewn throughout the lyrics.  What touched me though was that they didn't have to say they were Believers.  They lived it.  They had joy and peace.

The music was alive. It was live as well, but, it was alive.  Each member was deeply involved the instruments, rhythm and music.  Each played several instruments, jumping from piano to drum to guitar to hammered dulcimer.   Most were swaying to the music or clapping, if not shouting out when the moment overtook them.  It was enough to break your heart, sometimes with sadness and sometimes with passion.
It brought to mind one of my dream scenarios:  A gypsy campfire.

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  First.  I know that some people view "gypsy" as a derogatory term.  I am in no way using it as such.  I think gypsies are beautiful people and took a world that was harsh to them and made it magnificent.  I use the term with all the honor I feel is due it.

To the dream...

       A campfire with a sandy beach surrounding you.  A cool breeze blows, causing the grasses to swish.  As the floating embers of the fire dance their way to join the stars, tanned bare feet move to join the song.  Colorful gypsy skirts, long hair and pipe smoke all swirl around you, families laughing together, loves flirt across the fire, elders watching, remembering the fires and flames of the past.  Violins haunt you, then cause your spirit to rejoice. Drums as soft as your heart and as loud as the crashing waves.  The delicate rustle of a skirt, the melodic tingle of bells attached to ankles, earrings and hair, the thunder of clapping.  It's a maddening orchestra of delighting in the joy to be found in the world, the beauty to be celebrated.

To me, this is a vision of wild beauty.


I want a faith that is earthy real.  I want to be a home that follows me wherever I am. I want to embrace all of the beauty God has placed in this earth.  I want to live a life that when I go to bed, I know I allowed God to move in me with all the freedom I can.


I do not want the American Dream.

I want the Barbarian way.

I want to walk in the Way.

I want to move to the sacred dance.

I want Wild Purpose.


  1. Now, this, my friend, is a POST!.
    Poetry of heart, soul's savage song.
    I love it.
    I love you.


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