Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthdays and such

I was thinking this morning about birthdays.  This is the 4th birthday I've celebrated with Somewhere.  Its been an interesting journey, learning to blend traditions, start new ones and let go of old.  I have blogged previously about my family's extensive birthday traditions, therefore, I won't revisit them.

I was asking myself what mattered about birthdays, what is truly important about birthdays.  Am I childish in the way I view them? (I come from a background of on your birthday, you are royalty.)

I had a realization.  This may make me sound sad or depressed.  I'm not.  I was simply thinking about people in general.

Birthdays are important because life is hard.
Life beats on you.  It pushes until you don't know if you can take it.   It is a tragic beauty at times.  Daily I have people around me who feel they are failures.  We've all felt it. I know a certain reader is going to think I mean them.  I really don't.  I didn't realize dear, that you might think that until after I typed it.   We wonder about purpose, life and meaning.
Life is hard.

 Given this, birthdays are important.
It is the day where you know you matter.
Everyone should be made to feel they matter and make life better for those around them because they are in it.
Everyone needs a day where we forget the faults.
A day where we are not the sum of our mistakes, instead, we are celebrated for whatever is good.
It is a day for laughter, warmth and light.
Everyone is in this world for a purpose.
On a certain day, God decided it was time for that person to come out and breathe earth's air.
This day is a day to celebrate that purpose.

It matters.

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