Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day Blahblahblah | (a.k.a. 75)

Really?  We're still keeping that illusion?

Today I was on BBC America's website, and they were speaking of British television.  (You can't just say "tv", it just doesn't sound correct. )  I am a huge admirer of British television.

 The humor is delightfully dry, the dramas are more realistic, the costumes can vary from hellacious to heavenly... last but by far, not least, THEY HAVE ACCENTS THAT AREN'T AMERICAN! 

  I sigh happily when I hear British accents.  *sigh*  I can say this because my husband is technically British... to the core.    

Therefore, I thought I would cheer you up with my top five British shows:
(Mind you, British shows tend to contain far more "dirty language" than our shows.)

5. Survivors

Survivors.  This show isn't nearly as funny as all the rest on this list.  In this show, 95% of the world's population are wiped out by a rapidly advancing flu.  After this devastating event occurs, you will follow the lives of the survivors as they... survive.  It does have Proto Zoa from "Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century" in it. :)

Since I can't remember a funny line, we'll just do a short scene right after the government starts to realize the severity:

4. Luther

Oh Luther.  I already knew you from the above, "Survivors", and I was thrilled to see you again.  This story is so complex, for such a simple main character, I just couldn't quit watching.  I don't really know what to tell you about this show.  It's a crime drama.  One of the characters is so creepy it's delightful.  The plot is solid, the twists unseen and the cast superb.

3. The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd.  Definitely one of the worst in language and crudeness.  This is a hard match for second place though.  This show is filled with so much geek humor it's amazing.  It's a lot like Big Bang Theory but more focus on the work side of two geeks and their techdumb relations manager.  We seriously quote this show on a daily basis.  "Hello, IT.  Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

This clip is where the boys loan Jen "the internet."  I die.

2. Sherlock

May I count the way I love this? It's a mini-series of sorts, three episodes, 1.5 hrs long.   It's as if old Sherlock never existed and this is he in modern times.   There's no "You're like those books" or some such nonsense.  I literally watched these twice in a week.  Bennett is fantastic, and Freeman is beautiful.  I cannot wait for the next series in the fall.  Mmm.  It also included my favorite Holmes quote, as seen below.  Unfortunately the clip is crap but we'll live.

1. Doctor Who

What does one really need to say? It's the Doctor.  I mean, really.  This show literally makes me cry (and Somewhere come very, very close) every season finale.  The Van Gogh episode made me weep like a small child.  I don't do that in shows often.  In just that episode, your mind is opened to Van Gogh in such a heart-wrenchingly beautiful way.  *sigh*  The first season or so, the effects are rough.  You feel like you're watching a show straight out of the 70s.  Fitting, all things considered, seeing as the originial show ran around that time.  I haven't met someone yet who didn't get hooked once I started them on the Doctor.  This is also so much cleaner than most shows on television today.  Very little if any language and no awkward moments.  The only thing that might bother families is it can get scary and one of the characters definitely has a... different vibe.  I seriously could write all day about our dear Doctor and his wonderful TARDIS.  Also, you will never look at an angel statue the same way.  Don't blink.

Extra bit this one. It's a spoiler!

Also, just cause, one more IT Crowd

If you are interested in watching these shows, I'm happy to tell you that they are all on Netflix in the instant watch. :))


  1. Can you imagine having to fight off the Weeping Angels and The Silence at the same time?

    Stetsons are cool!

  2. I agree. Stetsons are cool.

    I would never, ever want to do that. Ever.

  3. Thanks for turning me on to The IT Crowd. My husband and I watched several episodes on Netflix over the weekend and really enjoyed it. I enjoy reading your blog too. I'm glad I got to meet you and hope to see you in November at the next Sista Herd retreat - Heather A.

  4. Thanks, Heather! It was great meeting you, too! I'm glad you enjoy it! It's so funny!


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