Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 70 | Back, and my shoes, ironically, are black. So Back in Black.

Here we go.  I'm not really apologizing for being gone for a month.  It was needed.  I'm back though and I've been adding up just how many days I am behind.  I'm trying to figure out the way to go about catching up.  I have had it brought to my attention that it's kinda weird to say "this is day blahblahblah" when I've already posted for that day.  Here's my idea.   I'm going to post daily, and that post will say "DAY" but on any extras, it will be simply the number.  It's that or I combine them into one huge post.  Give me a little feed back if you don't mind and let me know which you prefer.  I should be at Day 103... I'm at 70.  Keep that in mind when you answer.

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