Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 73 | Water

I'm big into drinking water.  I used to go a whole day without a single glass.  I can't believe that.  Whenever I can't think or I'm having a bad day, I get a glass of water. It really is incredible in the way that it helps your brain, body and mood.  If you're my friend, don't be insulted when I ask if you had any water today or be surprised if I say "Hydration Formation!!!" and we both go chug a glass of water.   As hard as it is to remember, always have a glass of water be the first thing you intake every day.  Other than oxygen. That's more important.

Have you had any water today?

How about mentally?  How many cokes and kool-aids are you mentally taking in, without a single pure water?  How cranky/angry/sad/depressed are you?   If the answer is "pretty darn" then maybe you need to get a glass of water and open yourself up to something positive.  Me?  Bible time.  You.  Your choice.

Go. Do it.

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