Thursday, November 29, 2012


I'm formulating a goal/plan/schedule for how often I post.

Therefore, dear readers, here is my question:

Would you mind to take a minute to comment, either on here or Facebook?

Great! Thank you.
Second question, if I may.

How often would you like me to update?
To me, I get bogged down when someone posts daily.
It's a lot to keep up with.  I know it only takes minutes to read a post, but, let's be honest, we are really picky about how long we're willing to spend on stuff these days.
But. This isn't about me... sorta.
How often do you like to read blogs?
Let me know... please.

Thank you!


  1. I love to read them as often as you're willing to post.
    I tried daily blogging, but felt weighed down by it. Sometimes I had to force a post.

    Now I blog when something's on my heart or mind.

  2. Once or twice a week is fine. It would help you to not feel so overwhelmed as trying to post every day. I enjoy reading your blog darling Christa! -Sarah Q

  3. At least twice a week would be great! I look forward to reading your blog and get excited when I see you have posted a new entry.

  4. I've been trying to comment more (Facebook and otherwise) as a bit of an early New Year's Resolution, so expect to hear ramblings from me a bit more often :)

    But writing takes time - give us posts as often as they come to you! ~ Micah

  5. a few times a week to as many times as you need to write! thank you for asking your "readers" but.... it's up to you, really!! If you wrote every day I would read it... just sayin! xo

  6. whenever you post, I'll read! :)


Give a smile. :)