Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Why do we blog? What inspires especially younger adults to blog?  To spill everything out into the open?

I was talking about this with some of the co-op mom's at McD's yesterday.   I'm also going to be speaking in a direction other than to make an income from blogging.

I said that perhaps it's to do with how the internet has opened up our world.  I met my husband online.  I met one of my bridesmaids online.  I have many friendships kept alive through the internet.  It would be somewhat possible through snail mail, but, not quite the same.   Therefore, to us, talking online is just like sitting around with your friends and sharing our lives.  It's as natural as speaking to us.

 Is that good?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  I communicate much more easily through written word than face to face.  I like how it gives me time to think, to process.  Can I verbally communicate?  Of course.  I'm not that kind of homeschooler. (I was homeschooled my whole life... that wasn't a dig against homeschoolers.)  I just prefer writing. And yes, I am an avid texter. :-p

Given how natural it feels, it is just as easy for us to desire to get comment on our every thought.  We have access to everything through Google.  We can constantly get updates on any celebrity we want.  We can learn almost any skill, language or hobby.  The internet has made the world an open book to us.  Why would we not, at least in some way, reflect the world around us?

As far as privacy, personally, I tried to keep from sharing everything on here.  I try to keep my real name and that of my friends and family's off of my blog.  I don't like people knowing what town I live in or where I work.  I think there is a line of responsibility as far as all that goes.

My dad asked me the other day though if I thought before I pushed "publish" about how once I did that, it was gone, out into the Blogosphere (he used it correctly!) for all to see.  Did I think about the impact it would have.  Honestly, yes, I do think.  I think a lot before I push that little button.

Part of me wants to not do that.  I don't want to care what anyone might think of me or my situation except that I be honest.  I want to openly share every struggle, every triumph and every fear.  I'm not sure exactly why I do.

Sometimes I think it's because I've seen a lot of secrecy about a lot of things.  Given what my last post was, I'm not talking about some deep, dark family thing.   I'm just talking in general life.  (As I was in the last post.)  One thing many of my friends say they like about me is my honesty.   I'm an open book.

It's a dangerous thing but for now it's who I am.

This isn't an entirely complete survey on my thoughts.  I'd love to hear yours.  Especially from bloggers, why do you blog?

Love, peace and honesty...

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  1. I have a few blogs. My oldest was my "angry humor" blog; I used to post offensive rants on there. Not really using it these days. My next blog was my weight loss blog, still going. I post daily. My newest blog is an experiment of sorts. Same humor, just toned down a bit; also some more introspection. The link in on my twitter profile if you want to check it out. I guess I blog because I have a lot to say. :)


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