Thursday, July 7, 2011

Passions Series {origin}

So I'm looking through my indie_wife Twitter timeline and see this:

I replied with this:
(Isn't the play-by-play great?  I missed my calling as a sports commentator.)

After being told I wasn't limited instead encouraged to do more than one... do them all.

I started to think.  Surely I was deeper than "makeup".  What if I expanded the idea to being beyond objects and went into emotions and ideas I was passionate about.  You could even say I was deeply passionate in the way I explain my massive respect for Sharon Osbourne. (I love, love, love her.  Such an example to me!)  How do you explain the passion you feel for peace, not only in the world, but just in your sphere of it, in your relationships, in your home, in your heart and mind.  What am I passionate about?

The question spread through my mind like a drop of ink in a cup.  

I'm passionate about many things.  I passionate about knowledge, peace, happiness, faith, family, friends, cooking, art, music, gaming, reading, the outdoors and of course, makeup.  Each one required more explaining than the 140 word limit Twitter supplied me.   

I turned to my good friend Blog to help me.  I'm starting the Passions Series.  It will probably be about five posts long, perhaps as much seven or ten. :-p   I'll be putting them in list form in links on this post as I go.   The reason I'm not doing them all on one big post is, A. I really like breaking things into smaller bites.  B. This way you don't have to lose reading about passions I have that you share while reading through ones you really care little for.

As I do this, I challenge you. 

If you have a blog, blog your own passions.  Comment me a link.  

If you have a Twitter, post them there, with #passion and @synxiec.  He won't judge and I'll be reading them there too.  

Email them to me if you have neither.  I'll share some on here if you like. 

Comment me if you do any of the above or if you don't want to do any and just wanna put it in the comments. 

Look into yourself. This may come easy to you or it may be life changing.

Do it.

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  1. Hey darling, here's a beginning post of mine in reply to yours!


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