Friday, July 8, 2011

Passions Series {Food}

     I love cooking.  I love the way a good dish can pull people together.  I love hearing my husband say his dinner was good.  I love the moment when the flavors blend, the reduction is perfect, the meat is just juicy but fully done, the way that the right foods can be so delicious but so pure and good for you.  Ilovecooking.  There is definitely something humbling in kneading bread.  There is magic in the smell of onions and butter cooking together. There is simplicity in the sweetness of a strawberry.

     If you read the Bible, there is much said about food.  I could google and probably find an exact count of just how many verses deal with food, but I'll refrain.  Solomon tells us to "Eat, drink and be merry!"  Jesus said He is the "Bread of Life."  A birthright was the cost of a bowl of stew.  A woman used milk to lure a king into a sleep so she could kill him.   The Israelites had many rules based around food.  God used those same rules to show Peter that Gentiles were precious to Him as well as Jews. 

Meals are gathering places, they are social events.  They are necessary for life, for health.  They also can bring death and sickness.  There is so much knowledge to be gained from the lessons of food.

I know this is a passion because I can talk about it for hours.  My grandfather and I go walking, (like sweaty, uphill/downhill training walking) three times a week.  We spend a good half discussing food. :p

Food is something I love, but if I was called to a life where all I would eat was rice, I would like to say I could do it.

                                             The Beginning of the Passions Series

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