Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 68 | "Somewhere"

Fellow blogger, Ladaisi, asked me a question on why I call my husband "Somewhere."  Lemme tell you the story....

Somewhere and I had a very strange, fantastic, magical, natural, quirky courtship.  By the time I met him face to face, we knew we wanted to get married, so much so that he had already written my father.  Somewhere worked so hard to make sure that everything was unique about how he did just about everything. :-p  If you want more of a summary of our whole story, you can read that in my next post.  Anywho, the first time I met Somewhere in Savannah, we spend the weekend together.  To clarify, my dad and youngest brother went with me.  I didn't stay in Somewhere's dorm.  It was an incredible weekend of walking the riverside, seeing SCAD, and just being with Somewhere.  He washed my feet that weekend, gave me a tiny kiss on the cheek when he thought I fell asleep on his shoulder while we sat on a bench at night on the above mentioned riverside, gave me the longest hug at the first meeting, whispering in my ear that I was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.  It was dreamy. :)  Shortly before it was time for me to leave, we were sitting at one of the many fountains, Somewhere was running his hand on my face, memorizing me. :-p  I asked him, as a joke, who he was.  He replied, "Somewhere," misunderstanding my question.  I told him that was officially my nickname for him and I would call him that when we were sitting on our porch at 80.   He's my Somewhere.

I love him. :)

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  1. i love you two. i love your story... God is amazing in the way He can put our hearts with another.


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