Sunday, January 29, 2012

First Time This Year

First post this year, and it's been a while folks.  Just a touch of writers block.

Tonight Somewhere and I are watching a movie and a sweet Celtic song started playing.  The sort of song that's always made me imagine standing on a great stone cliff overlooking some grey Irish sea, wind blowing in my face.   A thought struck me, listening to that song.

"What has happened to my wildness?"

What has happened to that raw, barbaric, primitive side of me?  I'm not talking about a crazy side.  I used to have this urge, this part of me that awoke at the thought of how people used to live.  When life was raw and dangerous.  (I know, I know, and lacking in modern medicine and all the lovelies I know and enjoy.)

The fact is, while I've been enjoying getting back to the basics in some matters, such as embracing the Biblical principle of a woman's hair being her glory.  On that note, I have been enjoying braiding my hair and making sure I make an effect with it.  Or the fact that I've been baking pita and bread. Other than that though, I've traded the beauty of the world God's created, of this huge, scary, harsh glorious world for a stupid virtual one.  Seriously.  I got sucked into a computer game even.

When did my life become about all this fake stuff and not the real?

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  1. Love.This.Post.
    So the mountains and membranes and soil and sinew for the paltry plastic.


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